How Much Does Invisalign Cost

Free Invisalign Consultation

At Puresmile Earley Dental & Implants in Reading we provide a fully costed Invisalign treatment plan with exact prices after you’ve had a free Invisalign consultation either at our dental practice in Reading or via a free Invisalign video consultation.

Prices can vary depending on the complexity of your dental case and as an Invisalign Diamond Provider you’ll receive the very best Invisalign advice from our specialists.

We offer several flexible payment methods for our orthodontic treatments by our best UK orthodontists in order to accommodate your specific needs. These include payment plans for invisible braces and finance options for braces and Invisalign.

Our aim is to be able to offer orthodontic treatment to anyone. If you have any enquiries about any of our flexible payment methods, please phone or email us. 0118 966 9134
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